Operating Room and Surgical Equipment

Uzumcu OPERA Operating Tables

UZUMCU MEDICAL is the leading Turkish manufacturer of medical equipment built to European standards. It has a long history of technological achievements beginning with the production of medical hand tools in 1969, surgical suction units in 1971, medical gas systems in 1975, stainless steel hospital equipment in 1997, Opera OR tables in 2001 and operating lights in 2005.

UZUMCU MEDICAL is known in the industry as solution-oriented, reliable and constantly focused on improvement. Its satisfied and growing customer base is evidence of the solidity of its accomplishments and approach. 

OPERA Operating Tables

OPERA’s technology covers wide range of tables and accessories designed to support critical and specialized surgical patients comfort and operational efficiency. The range includes:

  • The OM-2M is mechanical/hydraulic table providing a low-cost solution for every surgery type. It easy to use and maintain, and very durable.
  • The OM-6N is a very versatile table with a combination of electric and mechanical movements for much improved usability and efficiency.
  • The OM-6L table is equipped with full electric movements and is designed for bariatric surgery with a 29 inch wide table top enabling easy positioning for bariatric patients.
  • The OP-2V table keeps the patient ́s heat stable with 0.1°C accuracy, with measured and set temperatures showed on an LCD display. Like the OM-6L, is has full electric movements and a sliding top.
  • The OM-520 orthopedic traction set delivers a very affordable solution for orthopedic and trauma surgery of the lower extremities. It is compatible will most Opera tables.

Opera Table Common Features

  • Telescopic body specifications enabling height adjustment at different levels
  • 316L quality stainless steel body resistant to fractures and corrosion.
  • Base design and structure enables easy C-arm fluoroscopy and surgical-microscope access.
  • Wheels are made of ABS plastic, with high multi-directional mobility
  • Image reception ability over a wide area without disturbing the sterile environment
  • Can achieve different angles according to the surgical procedure
  • Detachable head and foot section
  • Silent and vibration-free operation
  • Cleanable and sterilisable mattress for decontamination of operating room
  • Wide range of standard and optional accessories

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SIMEON Sim.CARRY Modular Ceiling Supply Pendants

For more than 15 years, LED technology pioneer SIMEON Medical has provided complete,
future-oriented products at excellent cost-to-benefit ratio. As part of its core strategy to become an important solutions provider to hospitals, a new generation of SIMEON Sim.CARRY ceiling supply pendants are now available, all built to the highest quality according to European standards.

Sim.CARRY – The all-rounder of the ceiling supply units

Flexible to use, individually designed and in line with worldwide standards – Sim.CARRY stands out, thanks to its modularity, fulfilment of the strictest hygiene and safety requirements, as well as easy installation and maintenance. With a wide variety of versions available, Sim.CARRY provides the ideal solution for every field of OR application.

Modular and Flexible:

  • Modular principle: Various modular supply consoles adapted to your needs
  • load of up to 200 kg
  • Easily installation and maintenance
  • Plenty of room to add individual equipment (infusion holder, shelves, drawers, etc.) and add-on options
  • Flexible positioning for gas and electrical outlets
  • As needed: vertical and horizontal supply heads with various moveable arm designs
  • Modifications or expansions possible without tools – even after installation
  • Connection and height-adjustable positioning possible for all conventional anesthesia devices
  • New with electromagnetic brake: the impressively maintenance-free eBrake
  • Supports the world’s most commonly used standards (DIN, BS, AFNOR, etc.)

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INFINIUM ADS II – Anesthesia Workstation

Infinium Medical, established in 1991, is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical equipment. Infinium Medical is based in the United States and has a reputation for providing industry leading technology and quality. Infinium Medical specializes in Patient Monitors, Anesthesia systems and Surgical Tables. Besides the United States market, Infinium Medical has vast international distributor, encompassing 87 countries.

The Infinium ADS II is an advanced yet easy to use anesthesia workstation that provides accurate, pneumatically driven and electronically controlled ventilation. The ADS II has an ergonomic design that incorporates new technology and provides safe and effective treatment options for the clinician.

The ADSII offers an integrated ventilator with 12 inch color touch screen. Ventilation modes of VCV, PCV, SIMV+VCV+PSV, SIMV+PCV+PS, Manual and Standby are standard. On screen monitoring of spirometry loops, Paw, Peak, Pmean, PEEP are also standard. Airway pressure, flow and optional agents and EtCO2 are shown in graphical waveforms.

The ADS II includes Adult and Pediatric modes that provide patient-appropriate defaults and ranges.

Key features:

  • Highly accurate tidal volumes with 15 mL capability
  • 12 inch Touch Screen TFT LCD
  • Electronic Flowmeters  (Air, N20, O2)
  • Autoclavable and heated absorber
  • Ventilation modes of VCV, PCV, SIMV+PS
  • Highly mobile space saving design with retractable writing table
  • Battery backup
  • AGSS
  • Electronic PEEP
  • Vital signs, EtCo2, and Agent Monitoring

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SURTRON Electrosurgical Units

SURTRON electrosurgical units are manufactured by LED SpA, an Italian company mainly focused on making electrosurgical and physiotherapy equipment since 1982. Surtron accounts for around 30% of the company’s annual turn-over.

The SURTRON range include a number of high frequency electro-surgical equipment models with output power from 50W to 400W for applications using monopolar or bipolar methods, simultaneous or alternative supplier duct and emission of continuous or cycle timer power.

SURTRON FLASH 120 / 160 HF / 200


    • Ambulatory Surgery
    • Dermatology
    • Endoscopy
    • Gynecology
    • Ophthalmology
    • Neurosurgery
    • Pediatric Surgery
    • Plastic Surgery
    • Pneumology
    • Otorhinolaryngology
    • Urology
    • Vascular Surgery

SURTRON FLASH is an electrosurgical equipment which is suitable to precision monopolar and bipolar surgery and micro-surgery without tissue alterations.

SURTRON FLASH can supply RF operative powers either for programmable time as short as hundreds of a second. 

SURTRON FLASH, allows pure CUT,  cut-coagulation BLEND, incision with reduced production of eschar ENHANCED, superficial coagulation FORCED COAG, deep coagulation in absence of necrosis SOFT COAG, BIPOLAR coagulation and ABLATION.

Key features:

    • Minimally invasive surgery allowed
    • Activation of monopolar power by handle or foot switch
    • Patient to plate contact control
    • Split return electrode use allowed
    • Monopolar and Bipolar independent output
    • Auto Start/Stop in Bipolar COAG
    • Working condition memory storage
    • Digital regulation and indication of output power
    • Sound level control
    • RF power pulse emission time setting
    • RF power pulse interval setting



  • Ambulatory Surgery
  • Endoscopy
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Pneumology
  • Urology
  • Vascular Surgery

SURTRON 300 HP and 400 HP electrosurgical units enable highly precise surgery across a wide range of general and specialized procedures. Thanks to the user-friendly and safety solutions incorporated in the machines.

SURTRON 300 HP and 400 HP can be used to simultaneously perform monopolar and bipolar surgery in applications that require high precision and reliability.

Key Features:

• Two output channels for monopolar cutting
• Two independent setting and output channels for monopolar coagulation more frequently

• Cutting currents for eschar free incision
• Cutting current with selectable coagulating property for bleeding controlled dissection
• Low capacitive coupling by Slow BLEND current for endoscopic procedures

• SPEEDY Coagulation and DEEP Coagulation available to two operators
• SPRAY Coagulation achievable with handpiece or footswitch

• Bipolar cutting with bleeding control
• Cutting current Slow BLEND
• Start and Stop automatic activated separately   

• Acceptability of contact impedance between the patient’s body and the neutral plate constantly verified by the electronic control Skin Plate Electronic Control (SPEC)
• Continuous monitoring of leakage current
• Change in automatically compensated mains voltage before starting the RF power output

• Independent choice of coagulation currents and power levels of each of the two operators
• Ten configurable personal procedures, immediately recallable

• Connectors for argon plasma units and smoke evacuator

• Automatic diagnostic control of electronic drive functionality and accessories connected with failure coded report

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Novela Heavy-Duty Surgical Suction Unit

Novela heavy-duty surgical suction unit comes from Uzumcu Medical, a leading Turkish medical equipment company producing surgical suction units since 1971. Uzumcu Medical has now developed into an operating-room solutions provider with strong presence both in Europe and Asia. It now distributes its products in more than 80 countries around the world.

The heart of Novela heavy-duty surgical suction unit is a maintenance-free, silent, non-vibrating, oil free vacuum pump. The ergonomically designed housing is made of aluminum, compatible with hospital disinfection procedures.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty, designed for continuous operation.
  • Rapid suction with 60 liters per min. flow rate.
  • Adjustable vacuum power at 680 mmHg interval.
  • Easy access control for vacuum adjustments.
  • Collecting jars with scaled body, integrated easy to carry handle, 3 and 5 liter capacity options.
  • Extremely quiet to operate with minimal vibration.
  • Easy to transfer with four castors, two of them with brake.
  • Maintenance-free

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Uztech Central Vacuum System (Suction Trolley)

Uztech which is part of Uzumcu Medical is a leading medical gas equipment manufacturer with high quality, innovative and solution-oriented products in accordance with international standards. Uztech manufactures all the major units required for modern gas network from medical gas plants through to medical gas outlets.

Uztech Central Vacuum System or Suction Trolley, is designed to generate suction power from piped-in oxygen or compressed air supply in the operating room. The trolley includes a Venturi regulator for suction dosing, fine dosing and quick-action valve. The mobile frame accommodates either 2 x 2L, 3L or 5L vacuum jars.


  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Mounted Venturi regulator for oxygen or compressed air.
  • Carrier with 2 x vacuum jar capacity
  • Polycarbonate, transparent vacuum jars, scaled and sterilizable at 121° C
  • Wall connection adapter
  • Silicone hoses included.
  • Integrated hydrophobic filter

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MESPA Birthing Beds & Delivery Tables

Mespa Healthcare Products Inc. from Turkey is a trusted solution partner in the healthcare industry in over 87 countries with wide spectrum of products ranging from patient stretchers and beds to stainless steel furniture. The company’s guiding principle is “responding to the patients’ and clients’ expectations with more”.

MESPA maternity beds and delivery tables are renowned not only for their innovative design but also for their high quality over cost ratio.

Elegant 5040 Electric Multi-Purpose Maternity Bed

As a multipurpose maternity service bed, ELEGANT 5040 combines examination, delivery and post-natal functions in a single machine. Its innovative design allows ELEGANT 5040 to be extended from a gynecology table to a birthing/delivery bed, achieving a smooth labor process. The bed is equipped with adjustable knee support pads and support handles and can be collapsed to a very compact size to save space when not being used.

Key features:

  • 3 motors
  • Electronic height and back-rest adjustment
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg functions
  • Remote hand control unit
  • Anti-microbial, water proof, flame retardant, air permeable mattress
  • Removable footrest mattress
  • Stainless steel waste bin
  • Lockable side rails
  • Removable, adjustable polyurethane leg supports
  • Protective plastic bumpers
  • Easy cleanable, detachable, ABS head and foot boards
  • Stainless steel IV pole
  • ABS covered sub-frame and mattress platform
  • Electrostatic powder coated metal frame
  • Stainless steel accessory rails
  • Central lockable single castors

Relax 5080 Electric Delivery Table

RELAX 5080 is designed to provide utmost comfort and ease during examination and delivery procedures with integrated functions for height backrest and tilt, and accessories like adjustable knee support pads and support handles. The table can be collapsed to a very compact size to save space when not being used.

Key features:

  • 3 motors
  • Electronic height and backrest adjustment
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg functions
  • Anti-microbial, water proof, flame retardant, air permeable mattress
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Stainless steel waste bin
  • Lockable, adjustable and removable stainless steel side rails
  • Hand remote control unit
  • Protective plastic bumpers
  • Detachable head board
  • Stainless IV Pole
  • ABS covered sub-frame
  • Electrostatic powder coated metal frame
  • Stainless steel accessory rails
  • Easily cleanable, compact laminate mattress platform
  • Central lockable single castors

Relax Hydraulic 1080 Delivery Table

Relax 1080 is a high-quality but cost-effective delivery table with a long list of list of features as follows:

  • Hydraulic backrest adjustment
  • Hydraulic Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg tilt adjustment
  • Height adjustment by foot pedal
  • Anti-microbial, water proof, flame retardant, air permeable mattress
  • Removable footrest mattress
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Stainless steel waste bin
  • Adjustable and removable side rails
  • Removable and Adjustable Polyurethane Thigh Supports
  • Protective plastic bumpers
  • Detachable head board
  • Height adjustable stainless steel IV Pole
  • Easily cleanable, compact laminate mattress platform
  • Electrostatic powder coated metal frame
  • Lockable castors

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L’CARE LED Light Source

L’CARE LED light source is manufactured by Shenzhen China Medical Equipment CO., Ltd (CME) headquartered in Shenzhen. CME is devoted to being a solution provider for Endoscopy Imaging Systems and cooperates with Panasonic in the development of advanced endoscope cameras. Thus, L’CARE is a product that captures the combined wisdom of top medical experts from CME and Panasonic.

L’CARE LC 400 is a medical cold light source system using LED technology, offering touch LCD interface, high illuminance, adjustable brightness, long life and low power consumption. Compatible with leading laparoscopy systems, L’CARE LC 400 is a cost-effective replacement for Stryker, Storz, Olympus and Smith & Nephew xenon and LED light sources.

Key Features:

  • Smart touchable LCD interface
  • High illuminance, equivalent to 300W xenon light
  • 40,000 hours life
  • Low power at only 40W
  • Smart brightness control with no dark areas.
  • Accumulated running time recorded automatically.

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Pre-Owned Operating Room Equipment

In support of hospitals that are unable to justify acquiring new equipment, Globequipt continues to provide a selected range of pre-owned OR equipment carefully sourced from Australia and the USA. They include:

  • Endoscopy systems and components (Olympus, Pentax and Fujinon)
  • Laparoscopy towers and components (Stryker, Smith & Nephew, Linvatec)
  • Electrosurgical and vessel sealing units (Valleylab, Conmed, Erbe)
  • Anesthesia machines/work stations (GE Datex, Ohmeda, Ulco, Ulco-Mindray)
  • Operating tables (Denyer, Amsco, Eschmann)
  • Capnographs (GE Datex, Mindray Benneview)

All OR equipment from Globequipt are fully-refurbished, tested, supplied patient-ready and covered with a standard 6-months warranty.

For more information about pre-owned OR Equipment that we offer, email us at ORequipment@globequipt.com or click here.