Sterilization Consumables

Sterintech Sterilization Consumables

Sterintech™ sterilization consumables are produced by SP Medikal San Ltd Sti based in Istanbul – Turkey, a European managed company dedicated to the development, production and distribution of Sterility Assurance Products in accordance with the latest international standards.

SP Medikal’s up-to-date production facility in Turkey serves more than 65 countries through exclusive distributors while a second production facility in South-America serves another 25 countries.

Sterintech™ covers a complete product range of high quality CSSD products and services which meets the needs of today’s Central Sterile Supply Departments in healthcare facilities. The range includes consumables normally used for steam and low-temperature sterilization.

Self-Contained Biological Indicators (SCBI) helps in monitoring sterilization condition at preferred places. It is widely used for daily routine checks of sterilizers in hospitals. Available in steam, plasma, and ethylene oxide.

The Sterintech™ Bowie Dick Test Pack is an obligatory test for any steam sterilizer used to sterile Medical Devices.

A variety of Bowie Dick tests from sheets to helix test for bench top steam sterilizers are available.

Sterilization rolls are used to wrap medical devices. The flexibility of length is making a dedicated packaging of individual instruments possible and offer a number of advantages to the end-user. Available in flat, gusseted and Tyvek.

The Sterintech™ tapes are especially selected for plasma, steam, ethylene oxide, and dry heat sterilization processes in order to provide a good stickiness to most surfaces. These are used to secure the sterility of wrapped items.

The Sterintech™ Two Line Label Gun is reliable, easy to use and durable. Double labels for two line label guns are available with all type of sterilization indicators as well as a variety of colors.

The Sterintech™ indicator strips will give proof of sterilization condition inside the packs and containers. It is available in steam, plasma, EO and FORM.

The Sterintech™ soft crepe papers or SMS Non-Wovens are essential for both Sterility Assurance and Infection Prevention in its function as Sterile Barrier for sterilized Medical Devices.

The Sterintech™ Thermo transfer indicator labels are used to trace and track systems which incorporates the use of scanners and mandatory barcode printing. It is available in any shape, layout, and dimension as per customer specifications.

It is also available as single label, double label, one two or even three part label, with any chemical indicator (steam, EO, FO, plasma), with steam and all standard and bespoke dimensions and designs.

Container seals are offering an important shackle in the quality management chain. It secures containers from opening by an un-authorized person.

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