Biomedical Services and Accessories

Globequipt maintains a Service Team of formally trained and experienced engineers and technicians to be able to support every piece of equipment that we supply. Our technicians either hold TESDA NC ll Biomedical Equipment Servicing license or have gained many years of practical experience in the field. Many team members are factory-trained on installation, maintenance and repair of Simeon LED lights and DGM sterilizers.

Our Service Team is equipped with modern test and calibration instruments to ensure equipment safety and functionality, and has access to manufacturer’s documentations and service manuals to be able to successfully carry out machine calibration and repairs.

We continue to improve our service capabilities and processes to further differentiate us from many equipment sellers in the Philippines who offer little or no after-sales support to customers.

As part of our commitment to give you full service back-up for your biomedical equipment, our following services and products are available to you – regardless of whether the equipment was supplied by us or not:

Programmed Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS)

Globequipt provides preventive maintenance service (PMS) on-site to comply with Department of Health (DOH) requirements. This planned program aims to extend a machine’s economic life and minimize unexpected breakdowns resulting to lost productivity and, at times, discomfort on the part of patients and medical staff.

The program starts with a detailed equipment audit as baseline. PMS cycle frequency depends on the type of equipment and their usage. A detailed report is submitted to the owner shortly upon completion of each cycle, highlighting key actions and recommendations.

As a unique feature of our PMS offering, any minor equipment fault detected in the course of the PMS cycle will be remedied or repaired immediately at no additional cost to the owner assuming no replacement parts are required. This is in contrast to a number of PMS service providers who specifically exclude trouble-shooting and repairs due to lack of expertise.

On-Call Troubleshooting and Minor Repairs

Call us in the event of unexpected equipment malfunctions and breakdowns and we will always try to help.

Majors Repairs and Restoration

We provide off-site restoration service for O.R. tables, O.R. lights, autoclaves and many other types of equipment at very competitive prices. Visual inspection is usually required to enable us to assess the scope of work and quote accordingly.

One-off Calibration Service

We are happy to assist you with one-off calibration service for anesthetic units, respirators, defibrillators, x-ray machines and other equipment to comply with DOH requirements.

Biomedical Equipment Management & Training

Globequipt can also help you with expert advice on biomedical equipment management and recommend appropriate technical training for your equipment maintenance staff.

Batteries, Sensors and Other Accessories

We sell commonly used parts and accessories for your biomedical equipment like batteries, leads and sensors from reputable OEMs and specialist suppliers. Below are some examples:

  • Envitec SpO2 finger sensors and O2 sensors from Europe
  • Master Instruments and Premier batteries from Australia
  • Medical lamps from Bulbtronics USA
  • ECG cables and NIBP cuffs from Szlontek

We will also be glad to assist you with hard-to-find spare parts through our network of overseas equipment distributors and after-market parts specialists.

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