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Huntleigh Smartsigns Patient Monitors

Huntleigh’s medical products are renowned for superior quality and durability. It is uniquely placed with extensive experience in both fetal and patient monitoring technology to provide seamless continuity of care in the widest range of clinical settings.

Huntleigh and the Sonicaid brand have been at the forefront of maternity product innovation for over 40 years, developing a world leading range of fetal dopplers and monitors from simple single user platforms through to fully integrated installations.

The experience gained from Smartsigns Patient Monitors has enabled the company to incorporate maternal vital signs monitoring into fetal monitors, benefiting both clinicians and mums-to-be with a single unit integrated solution. The Smartsigns Patient Monitoring range is capable of delivering a wide range of monitoring options for use low, medium & high acuity healthcare settings.

Smartsigns Compact 1200 Series

The SC1200 is a compact, portable, modular 12” monitoring system that can be customized to suit the demands of a variety of clinical settings.

The user interface has been developed with system controls and adjustments that are effected by two methods – ‘point and press’ and ‘jog dial’ operation. Either method ensures smooth and effective management of patient and system. Moreover, users can choose from a range of different monitoring modalities and screen layout to match the working environment.


  • Modular configuration
  • User definable profiles
  • 12” crystal clear display
  • Automatic or manual event capture
  • Touchscreen navigation with smart key operation
  • Multi-level user programmable alarms
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Carry handle
  • Network ready

Smartsigns Compact 1500 Series

The SC1500 series has been developed to provide caregivers with accurate, dependable measurements in a variety of different formats displayed in a 15” crystal clear screen.

The SC1500 combines a very simple, easy to use operating interface with a wide range of clinical options all of which can be tailored to suit the demands of your immediate environment.

Whether you prefer to display patient status in the traditional format or alternatively display them as a series of large numbers using the SC1500,  the selection could not be simpler using a single key press operation.


  • Modular configuration
  • User definable profiles
  • 15” crystal clear display
  • Automatic or manual event capture
  • Touchscreen navigation with smart key operation
  • Multi-level user programmable alarms
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Network ready

Smartsigns Compact 300 Series

The SC300 is a flexible, reliable and affordable battery operated compact spot check vital signs monitor.

It has an attractive design with easy to use user interface which maximizes the user’s productivity. It offers a range of measurements which includes non-invasive blood pressure, pulse rate, pulse oximetry and a wireless tympanic temperature option.


  • Clear 6” digital display with large easy read information
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Wireless temperature option (up to 10m range)
  • 50 Measurement memory
  • Choice of SpO2 technologies: Own brand and Nellcor
  • Minimum number of controls
  • Long life battery pack (12hr)

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Infinium Medical

Infinium Medical, established in 1991, is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical equipment based in the United States with a reputation for providing industry leading technology and quality. It is one of the most highly respected manufacturers of patient monitors and operating room equipment in the medical community.

CLEO CO2 & SpO2 Monitors

The Cleo is a new and intuitive approach to patient vital signs measurement simplified by incorporating a touch screen with a simple user interface making it user-friendly. It also includes a standard long life lithium ion battery. The Cleo can be configured to measure any combination of: non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2, rapid temperature, and capnography (EtCO2).

It weighs in at less than 3 LBS the portable Cleo is well suited for any patient care area by offering a multitude of vital sign combinations. The Cleo can be used as a basic pulse oximeter or configured to a NIBP/ SpO2/ Temperature spot check monitor. Cleo can also be configured to be a stand-alone capnography or combination capnography/ SpO2/ NIBP monitor. The Cleo is well suited for both bed side and mobile spot check use.


  • Industry’s lowest cost per patient end-tidal CO2 monitors.
  • Lightweight
  • Multitude of vital sign combinations
  • 5” touch screen

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US Defib Biphasic Defibrillators

US DEFIB MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, based in United States of America, is one of the largest companies that manufacture Biphasic Defibrillator Monitors and AEDs (Automated External Defibrillator). It is focused on producing high-tech defibrillators, with wide geographic range, optimizing access to early defibrillation, so that more lives can be saved.


The CARDIOSTART Biphasic Defibrillator Monitor is a light and portable electronic device, developed and designed for resuscitation and monitoring processes. The device uses the revolutionary biphasic technology that requires less energy for defibrillation than conventional monophasic devices.

CARDIOSTART has microprocessors for heart activity analysis which takes around 10 seconds to run and a high definition color screen for viewing key parameters.


Key Features:

  • Lightweight (under 5 kg), easy to carry and suitable for patient transportation
  • High resolution color LCD display showing key parameters
  • Easy access to the menu and fast energy selection
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • Visible shock testing terminals
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Permanent interchangeable adult/pediatric paddles


The E-HEART Biphasic Defibrillator Monitor is an extremely portable and versatile electronic device for resuscitation and monitoring processes using the revolutionary biphasic technology that requires less energy for defibrillation than conventional monophasic devices.

At only 4 kg, E-HEART is one of the lightest defibrillator monitor in its class.

E-HEART’s distinctive feature is its flip-down 7-inch color high resolution and contrast LCD screen which allows excellent monitoring of key parameters at different angles.


Key Features:

  • Extremely light and portable (only 4 kg)
  • High resolution, 7-inch color LCD display for excellent viewing of parameters
  • Innovative flip-down display allows different viewing angles
  • Easy access to menu and connectors
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Battery status indicator
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • Permanent interchangeable adult/pediatric paddles

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

The DEFIBSTART Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is a compact, lightweight and portable electronic device designed for early defibrillation procedures on victims of cardiopulmonary arrest, aiming to combat the sudden death in an effectively and accurately manner.

The equipment is intended to be used by physicians and rescuers trained on basic and/or advanced life support. Voice and text commands guide the user during the patient resuscitation procedure.

DEFIBSTART comes with a rechargeable battery, unlike most AEDs in the market.


Key Features:

  • ECG Tracing in LCD display
  • Messages and command through text and voice
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Set of disposable pads (self-adhesive, disposable, available in adult, pediatric and neonatal size)
  • Weighs only 1.9 kg.


RESCUE SAM semi-automatic external defibrillator was fully developed in Italy by Progetti Medical Solutions.

It is compact, ergonomic, lightweight and a semiautomatic public use defibrillator which guides the rescuer through the cardiopulmonary resuscitation operations. As a life-saving device, it is indispensable towards making a location a cardio-protected site.

RESCUE SAM is provides simple and direct voice prompts and indications for a straight forward rescue operation. It has a sophisticated analysis algorithm that determines when the electric shock is needed.


  • Bi-phasic AED
  • Semi-automatic and fully-automatic configurations available
  • Traffic light principles – Stop/Go
  • Disposable battery with 5 year battery life
  • Device will self-test daily
  • Info button calls up elapsed time and number of shocks since start
  • Weighs only 2.2 kg.

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Progetti Medical Equipment Solutions

Progetti medical equipment are totally made in Italy and the design of products is the guarantee of its Italian being. Every machine is built with care and meets strictest quality standards. In designing each product, the company does not only look at its own perspective but also the customers’. No wonder that Progetti equipment have been ideal health workers’ instruments for decades all over the world.

Syringe Pump PG-907s

PG-907s has high brightness LCD 4.3” display touch screen and user friendly interface. It complies with IEC 60601, high safely designation with dual CPUs.

It is able to automatically identify size for syringe of 5, 20, 20, 30, 50/60 ml. It has a unique anti-reserve function on motor to prevent upstream.

DERS (Drug Error Reduction System) is also available in the unit.

Available wireless Wi-Fi networking and remote control system and with optional infusion central station.

Infusion Pump PG-807i

PG-807i is a user friendly infusion pump with high brightness LCD TFT display 4.3” touch screen and menu. It complies with IEC 60601, high safety designation with dual CPUs.

It is also unique anti reserve function on motor to prevent upstream.

DERS (Drug Error Reduction System) is also available in the unit.

With optional infusion central station.

EPG 6 View Plus ECG/EKG Machine

EPG 6 VIEW PLUS is a new generation electrocardiograph, 6/12 channels and ideal device for the general practitioner, but also for the specialist and his needs. It has a compact keyboard, this device will allow the doctor to draw up the database in real time and to upload the data on his computer. Parameter calculation and HES interpretation make EPG 6 VIEW PLUS the ideal electrocardiograph in every situation.

EPG Project ECG/EKG Machine

Compact 1-3 channels electrocardiograph with something more. Thanks to its touch screen display, this electrocardiograph becomes a simple diagnosis device, even for the most complicated cardiac diseases. With its color display and its 80mm thermal printer, EPG PROJECT is a high performance electrocardiograph. Its parameter calculation and ECG interpretation software help the non-expert user make a correct diagnosis.

ECG EPG 12 View

Top-of-the-range electrocardiograph, thanks to its 8.4” touch screen display this device fulfills the expectations of every cardiologist. Main features: data storage, report management software, interpretation and different visualization, EPG 12 VIEW is conceived for those who want the electrocardiography to be the distinguishing feature of their job.

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Spencer Blanco Portable Suction Units

Spencer Italia S.r.l. has been inventing solutions for emergency services since 1989. Their research and development has its roots in the dynamic world of EMS today and they strive with passion to offer answers to the delicate necessities of rescue respecting high standards of quality. One of their main products is Blanco suction devices characterized by a fusion between functionality and contemporary design.

Blanco suction units have been mainly developed for use in hospitals and surgeries, but thanks to the integrated grip handle, it can easily be used on emergency transport vehicles as well. Different flow rates are available to suit the particular application.

The vacuum pumps used for all models are maintenance-free and very efficient. The containers are autoclavable and are equipped with an anti-overflow valve and an effective closure system. The internal mechanism is protected by a modern-look techno-polymer casing which is very easy to clean.

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Pre-Owned Equipment

In addition to the brand-new equipment that we distribute, Globequipt continues to serve budget-conscious customers with a selected range of refurbished equipment for OR, ICU, ER and patient rooms. Many such equipment are kept on stock and supplied with six months warranty.

Below are some examples of pre-owned equipment that we stock.

Other Room Equipment:

Philips HeartStart XL

Lifepak 12


Atom V-850

Air-Shields C2000

Infant Incubators

Hausted Horizon

Select Contour

Patient Stretchers

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