LED Operating Lights

Sim.LED – Excellent LED technology for the Operating Room

Simeon Medical GmbH (Germany) is a technology leader and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LED surgical lighting. SIMEON’s distinctive manufacturing competence combined with continuous product innovations bring to the market technologically advanced Sim.LED operating lights. SIMEON’s scientific research and surgical light technologies have broken through to new frontiers in medical technology. SIMEON’s excellent LED solutions are based on three pillars: patented reflector technology, the special SIMEON design and the use of the latest LED technology.

Sim.LED Key Features

  • Aluminum light head and mounting bracket for optimal heat management and ease of positioning
  • Scratch-resistant single-pane safety glass (SSG) for optimal light transmittance and easy cleaning.
  • Unparalleled energy efficiency
  • Outstanding shadow solution
  • Integrated ambient light for minimally invasive surgery
  • Meets the highest hygiene standards
  • Service and maintenance friendly
  • Very long service life

Simeon BusinessLine – Great Light, Great Value.

SIMEON BusinessLine uses market-leading reflector technology and refines the famous SIMEON triangle design, bringing technological excellence to any OR, anywhere in the world.

Simeon BusinessLine offers limitless combinations of small Sim.LED 450, medium-sized Sim.LED 500 and large Sim.LED 700 surgical lights in single and multi-color, with and without cameras. SIMEON’s BusinessLine offers the perfect light for any OR situation and any user.

BusinessLine surgical lights give you all the benefits of a Sim.LED at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.




SIMEON HighLine – Excellent Light Performance

Demanding tasks require special solutions. The innovative SIMEON HighLine surgical lights give you all the benefits of cutting-edge LED technology in a uniquely effective manner. Multi-color or single-color – the unrivalled reflector technology offers the highest performance values and best qualities. As a leader in LED technology for the field of surgery, SIMEON is one of the most flexible suppliers in the world. Our exceptional knowledge from producing surgical lights is combined with innovative developments. This allows SIMEON to provide pioneering lighting and system solutions which other manufacturers are still wondering about.

The SIMEON Highline triangle design offers the maximum light-emitting surface and optimizes visibility thanks to optimized depth illumination. Highline offers combination of Sim.LED 5000 and Sim.LED 7000 light heads in single color (SC) and multi-color (MC) versions, with and without cameras.

SIM.LED 5000

SIM.LED 7000

SIMEON Mobile Battery System – More Flexible, More Mobile, More Convenient

SIMEON Mobile is visually appealing, easy to clean, and powerful. It also comes with single or double battery system. Sim.LED models has a choice of plain mobile and mobile battery. It is beautiful and functional as well. New Clip-Fix feature mechanism makes batteries easy to change with one hand.

NEW: Sim.LED HighLine mobile battery system

(Sim.LED 7000 / 5000 / 700 / 500 / 450 / 3500+ / 350)

Visually appealing, easy to clean, and powerful: SIMEON’s new battery system — for single or double battery system

NEW: Sim.LED BusinessLine mobile battery system

(Sim.LED 7000 / 5000 / 700 / 500 / 450 / 3500+ / 350)

Visually appealing, easy to clean, and powerful: SIMEON’s new battery system — for single or double battery system

Sim.LED mobile lamp

You can of course enjoy all of the benefits of Sim.LED as a mobile system

SIMEON LED Examination Lights

The latest LED technology also for the examination field 

Challenging tasks demand more than conventional solutions. With the innovative Sim.LED family of examination lights, you benefit from all the advantages of the most modern LED technology:

  • the latest monochromatic white-light LEDs
  • patented reflector technology and
  • the arrangement of the LEDs in a unique design with a seamlessly sealed construction.

As a technological leader in the area of LEDs for the OR area, SIMEON has applied its extensive know-how to the examination lights. The result: The new Sim.LED family of our examination lights combines the highest performance values and the best features, together with cost-effective attractiveness. These lights also set new benchmarks in terms of energy consumption, hygiene and cleanliness. Thus, they ensure easily and intelligently that the best examination lights are always available to you.

For more information email us at simeonled@globequipt.com or click here.