About Us

Our Mission is to deliver superior equipment solutions and services thereby contributing towards affordable quality healthcare in the Philippines.

Globequipt Corporation was founded by a group of engineers in 2002 and has been focused on the Philippine healthcare industry since. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the most trusted suppliers of biomedical equipment in the country with hundreds of hospital clients throughout the whole archipelago.

We now specialize in brand-new engineered solutions for sterilization and disinfection, operating-room LED lighting and supply pendants and a broad range of surgical equipment, representing best-of-breed machines from Europe and the United States. All these products have a common denominator: very good price/performance ratio and low running cost.

We are still able, however, to serve our long-standing customers with selected pre-owned equipment to suit their budget, making full use of our long experience in refurbishing such machines.

To fully back-up every equipment that we supply, we maintain a crew of manufacturer trained and experienced engineers and technicians who can perform anywhere from preventive maintenance to trouble-shooting, overhaul and restoration services.

With Us, you are not only assured of very competitive prices but also superior equipment quality and after sales service.

For more information email us at customerservice@globequipt.com or click here.